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Accelerate your website design and development process. The UI Kit has been designed and built to accelerate the design and development of Drupal 8 websites using Cohesion DX8 - the only enterprise class low code website builder for Drupal 8. See how it works.

  • Acquia Cohesion uses a custom form definition format that is not related to the Drupal form system. You have several field types you can use, and these will be displayed to.
  • The Drupal Cloud improves how you build and enhance digital experiences. The best solution to govern, build, update and enhance a portfolio of digital experiences. Create secure enterprise grade sites faster, and maintain them from a central hub.
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  • Bio: I currently lead Sales and Marketing for Cohesion, a fast growing SaaS technology business disrupting enterprise website build and management with its DX8 productivity toolkit for Drupal 8. Previously I was on the operating board of www.econsultancy.com and ran their training and consulting business (Now part of Centaur Plc).

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today Acquia announced the updated version of Acquia Cohesion, an intuitive, low-code solution for building and editing Drupal sites. This new release provides site builders and designers with robust enhancements to support previewing and managing site styles, and an even more intuitive UI to streamline an already simple and powerful visual editing experience.

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Unlike native Drupal tools, Acquia Cohesion supports the rapid creation of Drupal sites from scratch compared to building in Drupal alone. Acquia customers who have utilized Acquia Cohesion are able to realize up to 50 percent reduction in time to go live (based on user testing, versus building with Drupal alone). Additionally, once developers have created a site using Acquia Cohesion, designers and site builders can quickly reuse components to rapidly create and modify sites and pages—without touching any code.

Drupal Cohesion Module

Acquia is offering Acquia Cohesion as an additional value-add feature through Q2 2020 to select Acquia Cloud customers. New key capabilities include:

  • An improved style guide manager which provides designers and site builders the ability to preview changes in real-time when updating site content or branding
  • Compatibility with Acquia Cloud Site Factory, which helps developers scale their efforts to unify the deployment of multiple sites, while easily maintaining brand consistency and styles across them
  • An enhanced style import capability that enforces strict adherence with brand guidelines, encouraging sharing of common design systems that apply across all digital properties

These new enhancements make it effortless for designers to contribute style guides that can be applied quickly and easily across sites and site components managed by Acquia Cohesion. This reduces the burden on designers and empowers site builders to construct sites that comply with branding standards.

CI&T, an Acquia global digital solutions partner, has recognized the benefits of Acquia Cohesion. “Building websites to support digital marketing campaigns and initiatives frequently require a lot of time, and skilled developers,” said Mateus Santana Bahia,senior manager at CI&T. “Acquia Cohesion will empower our build teams to speed up development time, allowing us to focus on high-value activities. Its impressive low-code architecture allows us to implement the often required design changes without impacting other areas of the website. This reduces the amount of rework and bug fixes that drains the team capacity.”

“To be competitive, businesses must be able to deploy, manage and optimize their websites and digital experiences quickly and efficiently,” said Dries Buytaert, CTO and co-founder of Acquia. “Acquia Cohesion’s intuitive interface and visual components help designers and site builders decrease time-to-market by removing developer bottlenecks.”

In Q4 2019, Acquia kicked off the Acquia Cohesion Early Adopter Program for Partners, enabling site builders on how to use the platform for front-end development and exposing them to Acquia Cohesion’s advanced features and use cases. Enablement resources developed during the program will be available in Q2 2020 through the Acquia Academy. For more information about Acquia Cohesion, download a free sandbox or contact sales at [email protected]



About Acquia
Acquia is the open digital experience company. We provide the world’s most ambitious brands with technology that allows them to embrace innovation and create customer moments that matter. At Acquia, we believe in the power of community - giving our customers the freedom to build tomorrow on their terms. To learn more, visit acquia.com.

Remember when building a website was terrifying? The development costs in iterating functionality were punishing, so projects tried to capture every requirement in granular detail before build began; because once the build started, any missing functionality would have to wait 3 months for the next deployment or maybe 3 years for the next re-platform. Businesses lavished on detailed user research to avoid post launch disappointment. Careers began, progressed and ended within the cycle of getting a website live.

Don't sweat the big stuff

We’ve moved past this, thankfully. You’ll hear us talk a lot about Acquia Cohesion and the ability to create design systems that it provides to Drupal. This allows us (and our client’s marketing teams) to evolve the messaging and user journeys on a website after launch and without costly development intervention. Missed a section? No problem. Got the messaging hierarchy wrong? No problem. Need to address the information hierarchy? No problem.

Cohesion Grupal

Agile for marketing

We now live in the age of agile marketing. Marketing teams borrow techniques from software development that help them to implement something quickly, test it in real-life, learn and adapt. This process means your marketing efforts deliver value from the beginning of your programme - not from the end, and are constantly guided/course corrected by real world data. Makes sense and we have a lot of cool clients that do this and use their website to drive value everyday.

We also have a box of tricks up our sleeve to help us understand what messaging will resonate with your users. It feels like the speed of travel has increased and we can now reach conclusions in weeks rather than months of effort.

Go fast or go home

This has pushed us to adapt and learn ourselves as an agency. We still do waterfall projects where appropriate, but we are as likely these days to push for the early release of a thin site which we then build out based on insight. With like-minded marketing clients, it’s often amazing to see how the journey can unexpected turns when the user data comes in. And critically, internal stakeholder conversations become informed by real-world data much earlier in the process.

Cohesion Drupal 8

We’ve seen these techniques identify, focus on and drive value into the marketing strategies of our clients. The software we develop is strongly geared to support this activity without the constant need for development teams to implement changes. We’ve even seen the web used as a test-and-learn environment for wider marketing strategy change.

So if your website is not directly contributing to your companies revenue, or reducing your operating costs, then it’s worth having a chat with us!

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