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  1. To those who aren't well versed in this subject, FrostWire is basically a handy file-sharing program. That's true enough, although a more knowledgeable computer user will probably have something to say about such a simple definition. To someone who knows the ins-and-outs of online sharing, this twenty-nine-megabyte download is so much more.
  2. Search, download and play video and music files with this free multi platform app. You will be redirected to the author website to complete.

A reliable BitTorrent client. FrostWire is a free and easy-to-use P2P application that lets users search, discover, download, and play files. Designed for Windows, the program was originally based on source code in LimeWire, another BitTorrent client.

At the end of each year we try to publish a mixtape with collaboration with FrostWire (only the best file downloader/music player ever!). Last year we went a bit overboard with the number of tracks included, so this year, we decided to keep it simple – only 6 tracks – one from each of our favorite promos. Just the best of the best!

The tracks on this year’s mixtape all come from free-to-download, Creative Commons licensed albums, so if you like what you hear, pls make sure to support the artists and spread the word.

1. Magnolia Soul by Who Seth Power
2. Mind Frame from Computer Love by Melissa B
3. Cool Kids (produced by iLL Brown) from The Early EP by Billy Early
4. With You from Summer of Joe by Joe Playo
5. To The Shore from Electric Soul Magic Vol. 2 by Joe Marson
6. New Gods (feat. M. Dean, & C. Rydning) from Lesser Restoration by Toussaint Morrison

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Programs like Limewire have been around since the internet began. These music file sharing sites allow users to upload and share a huge amount of music files, this technique is called peer-to-peer sharing. Limewire can run on Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. The most important tip with peer-to-peer sharing is to continue seeding even after you’ve completed your download. This helps others grab the file and boosts your reputation.

Like with any sharing program available on the internet, you must always scan your files for viruses and trojans. Since the files aren’t monitored anything can be exposed to malware, always take a few seconds to scan your file before opening it. This simple step can save you from a lot of unwanted problems.


Limewire is one of the best places to find the music files you need to create a massive playlist, for more great sites like Limewire where you can download, share, and collect every song available, browse this list of Limewire alternatives.


eMusic is a top Limewire alternative. This site is a great destination to download and discover music of all genres. eMusic’s main goal is to offer you new music experiences that are inspired by your unique tastes and personal choices. This site will spike your curiosity and give you a new love for music. With eMusic you can store an unlimited amount of songs on the cloud, all for free. With its smart playlist feature, you can create perfect music mixes for any occasion. You can also sync your playlists and entire collection with Android and iPhone. Start using the exploration feature to diversify your music collection now!

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Is Frostwire Illegal

Vuze is a very simple site to use. This site does the work for you. Instead of having to search multiple sites, Vuze collects all the data you need in one place so all you have to do is click on the file that suits you the best. This addition to free music download sites gives you a lot of different entertainment options, file sharing, and more. Vuze is powerful, fast, and works with Windows, Mac, Android, and most of Linux. Vuze even has its own media player that supports a huge amount of formats, so you’re sure that all your downloads will work with this free media player. All you have to do now is click on the link above to start downloading all your favorite tunes.

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Shareaza is another one of the best websites like Limewire. This site is always completely free to use. There are no strings attached with Shareaza. With a simple search on this site, you can be instantly connected to thousands of file suggestions for your search query. The best thing about Shareaza is its new “Collections”. These files are complete packages of favorite songs, albums, and like content that can be downloaded in one click, no need to search for everything separately anymore. There are a lot more great features waiting for you on this great site, go check it out for yourself.

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Ares Galaxy

Ares Galaxy is another music file sharing program that is quick and reliable. This site is also one of the easiest to use. Similar to Google, Ares Galaxy searches multiple sites to find exactly what you’re looking for. This way you can download more songs and files without having to do tedious searches. One of the things that is different about this addition to sites like Limewire is that it only shares and finds files and content that is free from copyright laws. You won’t have to worry about any infringement laws with Ares Galaxy. For a safer option, check out this website.

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Another great recommendation for sites like Limewire is Frostwire. This website lets you store all your media in one place. With its gesture-based audio player, you can enjoy all your favorite tunes in your car, during a walk, or any time that can add music to your life. There are thousands of songs available for download in Frostwire’s database. With only a few simple clicks you can start adding to your music collection. Each file has a review which will help you make a better choice on your next download. There’s no reason not to start using Frostwire, it’s one of the best music download websites available.

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The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is probably one of the largest sharing sites to find your favorite music. Starting on its homepage you can search by song title, album, or the name of the singer. The results are quick and precise and will automatically list the top seeders first so you know that your file will be available for download. This Swedish organization is a great Limewire alternative. The Pirate Bay is free to use like all of the other music file-sharing sites on this list. The best way to “repay” this enormous peer-to-peer site is to continue sharing your file once it’s complete. This keeps the files alive so more people can enjoy them. Enjoy The Pirate Bay as you create a massive collection of music to use in your everyday life.

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Frostwire Online

BitTyrant is a little different than most sites like Limewire. This music file sharing website works hard to maximize sharing and will boost peers with a high ratio to help share files even quicker. This site assures very fast downloads and satisfied clients. It’s said to give its users 70% more speed than its competition. New users will be limited with their uploads until they can prove that they can share a sufficient amount of files. This keeps the karmic balance. With BitTyrant you can download copyrighted content and free content like web series. Take a look at this addition to sites like Limewire to see if it’s the best option for you.

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