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The team of Drawcarz.com has previously shown you how to draw a Lamborghini, but in this revised drawing instruction, we will show you how to draw a Lamborghini car using a different method.

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Here we have slightly changed the order of adding details and shadows, compared to our earlier instructions. If this is your first time trying to learn how to draw a Lamborghini car, then this instruction is created especially for you.

How to Draw a Lamborghini Car

Step 1

To accurately draw a Lamborghini car, you need to represent its complex shape in the form of a simple geometric figure. Depict the silhouette using very light and simple lines.

Step 2

Use long smooth lines to adjust the top of the roof. Next, use a couple of simple lines to depict a very narrow window frame.

Step 3

Use a pair of long, curved lines to depict the wheel arches at the front and rear. In the same stage, depict the complex outlines of the rear bumper.

Step 4

In the front part, depict an angular headlight. Depict the air intake below it. Now in the back, depict the taillight and the details of the rear bumper.

Step 5


Use dark and smooth lines to correct the outlines of the front hood. In the same stage, depict stripes inside the window arch. Complete the stage by depicting an angular mirror.

Step 6

Draw a long door using straight and clear lines. After that depict a flat handle on this door. Draw decorative lines at the bottom of the body.

Step 7

Get rid of all the construction lines from the Lamborghini car drawing. Next, carefully depict the wheels, which should have a perfectly round shape. Inside them, depict rims that also should have a perfectly round shape.

Step 8

Draw circles in the center of each rim. Next, depict the lines of the spokes, which should evenly diverge to the sides.

Lamborghini Sketches Drawings

Step 9

Lamborghini Drawings For Kids

The Lamborghini drawing will not look three-dimensional until we add shadows. Start depicting shadows from the darkest areas and work towards lighter ones. Don’t forget to depict highlights on glass surfaces.

This was another instruction on how to draw a Lamborghini car. But as noted above, this instruction has been revised to contain new information and the team of Drawcarz.com hopes that this has helped make the process of drawing Lamborghini car easier and more intuitive.

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