Cats And Doody

Why Cats do Doody on Bed?

The best fact about the cats is that they give good snuggles and doesn’t need a lifelong partner, as in owners, unless they think they need. If you are a person who goes to work every day and leaves your cat back at home, maybe she might have used to it. But, what if one day you decided to move to your friend’s place and has to leave your cats for one or two days? You may come back home to see some of the scary things possible. You will probably see your cats pooped on your bed or vomited somewhere even though she is potty trained. Why does this happen? Is she trying to show her anger? Is she ill? What exactly is she trying to convey to you? Pooping and vomiting on the bed is normal for any domestic cats. Things get worse when they don’t stop pooping or vomiting for about more than 3 to 6 days! We will see some of the reason why your cat does doody on your bed or any place other than the potty.

Stress or Insecurity

The first and the foremost issue your cat may be facing is stress, anxiety, or even insecurity. Yes, cats do have insecurities and stress issues. Cats cannot adjust to a new household, or they poop when their owner leaves them and cannot find their presence anywhere in the room or even house. They arise anxiety and leads to throwing off or pooping anywhere most probably the place where their master sits or usually spends more time.  They might also poop if they are kept away from their family or siblings.



The second reason id due to illness. Interior or exterior infection can lead your cats to poop anywhere in the home. This is why you must keep track of your veterinarian and test or do a full body check-up at least once every month. Like people, cats also get IBS. Irritable bowel syndrome that may lead them to poop anywhere. They might feel trouble and not even last till they reach the litter box; therefore, they tend to poop anywhere they get a comfy place.

Litter Box Issues

The third reason is the litter box issues. Cats feel icky when they see filled up the smelly litter box. Just so you know, you must understand that cats are very hygiene and grooming animals. This is why they give great priority for litterbox hygiene. It will help if you remember to place the litter box in such a place to make the cat feel all comfort.

Routine and Environmental Changes

The last reason on the list is none other than the routine and environmental changes. As an owner, you must know that cats are very picky when they come to choose their environment and routine. They must be fed according to the training, and if not provided, they can become unhappy and can even summon the purest devil in them!