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Cats have a mutualistic relationship with human beings, and it is our sole duty to provide adaptive care and shelter to them.


Secrets to Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy

Irrespective of the breed, we’re aware of the stress with conditioning and keeping cats happy. If you’re looking for some tips to keep your indoor cats happy, then here is a chance. Hop on to our platform to read more.

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Popular Cat Breeds

There are almost 12 popular cat breeds, and we cover the tips for the safety and happiness of each species of Cat.


New Kitten

Newly born kittens are the most delicate of all the other cat ages. Hence, taking care of them when they’re weak is of utmost importance. If you care for your kitten’s life, visit us and enlighten yourself with some crucial tips.


Adult Cat

Although adult cats do not require constant monitoring, they’re still entitled to a safer and happier home.


Senior Cat

Cats that are aged between 11 to 14 years is considered senior cats. Just like the newborns, they also require constant monitoring and regular veterinary checkups.

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We’ve taken care of over 460k kittens, and thousands of them have landed in a secure and happy home. If you want to groom your Cat or require help in providing happiness to them, we’re here for you!

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Cats are fun, only when they’re treated well!

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5 of the Best Catnip Toys

Toys are important for cats. They are a great way to get them to exercise and to stop playing with your furniture, curtains, and other inappropriate things.

Catnip toys combine both benefits of toys and catnip. Catnip refers to herbs that engage and relax your cat. They have a sedative and psychoactive effect on most felines. Your cat becomes more playful, excited, agitated, or sleepy after inhaling some catnip. The catnip helps them relax by reducing their stress levels and encourages them to play.

Catnip toys are one of the ways to give your lovely feline some catnip. The toys could have the catnip stuffed in the toys or rubbed on the surface.

We found so many catnip toys in the market and curated the top five. Here is our list of the five best catnip toys.

  1. SmartyKat Friends Crinkle and Catnip Cat Toy

We love this colorful toy that comes with feathers, crinkles, and string to engage your cat in play. It also produces sounds that will excite your kitty.


  • Made from eco-friendly material that will not harm your cat
  • Free of pesticides and any harmful chemicals
  • Has unique designs
  • Comes in a variety of bright colors that make it easy for your cat to locate them

One disadvantage is that the toys are not that durable. But with that price-point, you can replace the toys when they get worn out.

Costs: $3.99 on Amazon Prime

  1. Hart2 Just For Cats Cat Toy

This is a budget-friendly catnip toy package that comes with a set of 12 mice. The catnip is stuffed in each mouse for a long-lasting scent. The premium catnip lasts much longer than other catnip toys. You also get your value for money, given that the toy set can last for a long time.


  • It is budget-friendly.
  • Comes in bright colors to attract your cat
  • Versatile use of the mice. You can tie them, hide them in the house for a game of hide-n-seek, or let your cat swat them around.
  • The mice are durable and lightweight, making it ideal for very playful or destructive kittens.
  • If your cat hates noise, this toy is ideal.

Costs: $ 4.49 on Amazon Prime

  1. Pestages Catnip and Dental Health Cat Toys

This is a bright-colored toy filled with catnip. It comes in different shapes such as avocado and bananas and is great for swatting and batting. It also helps to grow your cat’s pouncing skills.

The toys are covered in mesh fabric that helps clean your kitty’s teeth and remove tartar. It’s also great for kittens in their nibbling or teething stage.

We recommend that you buy the stuffed shapes instead of the chew wheel, which is less durable. It is also a good idea to roll the toy in your hands first to break up the catnip inside and open up that scent.


  • It is lightweight
  • Comes in different shapes
  • Made of eco-friendly material
  • The mesh fabric is great for your cat’s dental health
  • The stuffing is filled with catnip, which lasts longer than toys.

Costs: From $3.19 on Amazon Prime

  1. Yeowww! Catnip Toy, Yellow Banana

We love this #7 Amazon Bestseller with 100% organic catnip. This bright yellow banana-shaped toy is great for cats that want to chew or bite their toys. It is also suitable for kittens in the teething stage. The catnip lasts longer than other toys because it is stuffed inside.


  • Uses 100% organic catnip from the flowers and leaves
  • It is durable
  • Made of eco-friendly material (twill)
  • Does not use chemical dyes. Its natural dyes are made from vegetables and soy.
  • Great for cats that want to chew and for kittens in the teething stage.

Costs: $5.99 on Amazon Prime

  1. Molly’s Mice Handmade Catnip Toy

Your cat will love this handmade toy from England. The catnip stuffing is 100% high-strength, organic from the leaves and flowers. The outer covering is made from 100% cotton, making it quite safe for your kitty.

The only drawback is that the toy is not refillable. Even after use, you can still hang it in your home as decorations.


  • Comes in 7 different colors
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Stuffed with high-strength, organic catnip

Costs: $5.26 (3.99) on Amazon UK


Most cats love playing with catnip toys. The toys are stuffed with catnip for some relaxation. Our 5 best catnip toys come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. The catnip keeps your kitty focused on the toys instead of the curtains and furniture. Two from our list even promote your kitty’s dental health. The stuffed catnip is in safe quantities and is a great way to spoil and relax your lovely cats.


Cats And Doody

Why Cats do Doody on Bed?

The best fact about the cats is that they give good snuggles and doesn’t need a lifelong partner, as in owners, unless they think they need. If you are a person who goes to work every day and leaves your cat back at home, maybe she might have used to it. But, what if one day you decided to move to your friend’s place and has to leave your cats for one or two days? You may come back home to see some of the scary things possible. You will probably see your cats pooped on your bed or vomited somewhere even though she is potty trained. Why does this happen? Is she trying to show her anger? Is she ill? What exactly is she trying to convey to you? Pooping and vomiting on the bed is normal for any domestic cats. Things get worse when they don’t stop pooping or vomiting for about more than 3 to 6 days! We will see some of the reason why your cat does doody on your bed or any place other than the potty.

Stress or Insecurity

The first and the foremost issue your cat may be facing is stress, anxiety, or even insecurity. Yes, cats do have insecurities and stress issues. Cats cannot adjust to a new household, or they poop when their owner leaves them and cannot find their presence anywhere in the room or even house. They arise anxiety and leads to throwing off or pooping anywhere most probably the place where their master sits or usually spends more time.  They might also poop if they are kept away from their family or siblings.



The second reason id due to illness. Interior or exterior infection can lead your cats to poop anywhere in the home. This is why you must keep track of your veterinarian and test or do a full body check-up at least once every month. Like people, cats also get IBS. Irritable bowel syndrome that may lead them to poop anywhere. They might feel trouble and not even last till they reach the litter box; therefore, they tend to poop anywhere they get a comfy place.

Litter Box Issues

The third reason is the litter box issues. Cats feel icky when they see filled up the smelly litter box. Just so you know, you must understand that cats are very hygiene and grooming animals. This is why they give great priority for litterbox hygiene. It will help if you remember to place the litter box in such a place to make the cat feel all comfort.

Routine and Environmental Changes

The last reason on the list is none other than the routine and environmental changes. As an owner, you must know that cats are very picky when they come to choose their environment and routine. They must be fed according to the training, and if not provided, they can become unhappy and can even summon the purest devil in them!